Hello, I'm Dray

I am Dray and I have tremendous experience and education that has equipped me in helping other business owners achieve success.

I grew up in a large family. My Dad owned a thriving construction business. Winter in MN can be harsh. Yes, I grew up in MN where the below zero temps will make or break you! My Dad was and still is a master mind who taught me how to stay creative and generate revenue during hard times. He also showed me how to relate and take care of customers. I learned at a young age the dos and don’ts of business by working alongside my Dad and in his office.

At age 15 I started working in the food and beverage industry doing everything from making shakes, waiting tables, cooking, selling pull tabs, bartending and custodial work. I continued to keep several of these kinds of jobs through school and raising kids till the age of 30. Tips were great. I learnt again how the human brain works and what keeps a business afloat.

After high school I went to college and earned my AAS degree in Adverting Communication & Design at the St. Cloud Technical Community College. I also completed my schooling for modeling and acting at John Casablanca’s. My interest in art and how the human brain works put my mind to work grasping concepts that generate great marketing campaigns.

I married my daughters’ father in 2005. We owned a computer, low voltage and electronics shop on main street in a small town. Trust me, this can be more difficult than you can imagine. Our reputation, managing employees and keeping everyone happy was more than a full-time job.

When my marriage dissolved, I ran my own freelance business doing mostly business cards and print items for businesses. I also went to school for massage therapy after my divorce. My daughters’ father was not paying child support and I needed a career where I could make a decent income by day and be home in the evenings. I worked at a resort, spa and clinic. I decided I had what it takes to open my own massage therapy wellness center. I also went back to school and obtained my AA and Entrepreneurial Certificate from Central Lakes College in Brainerd MN.

My business was really starting to take flight right before Covid hit the US! MN state governor shut down massage businesses for three months. When I reopened my door, I needed a covid plan in place. I followed the rules all while trying to generate the same revenue we had before shut down, maintain employees and customers. My once very well-known territory turned into uncertainty with some fear-based employees and customers. I found myself more than ever trying to focus on my passionate goal while feeling very defeated. When employees got sick and/or didn’t want to work I found myself working many hours to pay overhead. Trying to stay above water was difficult. I had to make a very hard decision to close my physical space, put my products online and reinvent my business. I also worked for a radio station for 5 months as an account executive selling, creating and putting ads on the radio.

I moved to Colorado May 2022. I plan on still being involved and visiting my community in the beautiful BLA of MN as often as possible. I have a passion for helping others achieve goals within their business and personal lives. I decided to incorporate my experience and education to help other business owners thrive.

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